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About Us Zoe & Alex

Welcome to the Colorful World of Zoe & Alex!!

“Zoe & Alex” was born in 2020 as a result of my technical and practical knowledge about children's products in the textile industry combined with my motherhood experiences as an end user.

While choosing our products, our main aim is for parents to have safe, useful, functional, affordable and long lasting products. Even we believe colors are gender free we are trying to offer unisex products and different color options, too.

It is said there are 2 types of mothers, Earth Mothers and Creative Rainbow Mothers. Ideally these two traits should be in balance. I suppose that my Rainbow traits were more dominant, which at times increased my desire to see and understand the world through children's eyes, in other words, to offer them a world close to the world they would want. This energy has been reflected in our logo, e-store and products.

So in here we offer lively colors that reflect the colorful worlds of children and products that reflect the souls of children that they will enjoy while using, too.

We wish you healthy and happy days with the hope that you welcome us to your life and will raise your children together with our products.